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Beth Mandel of BWPW Photography has finished editing and uploading her photos from this year's dinner. She captured a wonderful array of images, which I hope you will enjoy looking through as much as I did. Thank you for your hard work, Beth!

Photos are available at two links:

1) For those wishing to purchase non-watermarked full-size digital copies and physical prints (with prices starting at just $1.50 for digital files and $.75 for prints), please use this link: http://bwpwphoto.zenfolio.com/francaisepurchase

2) For those wishing to download images with a watermark in the corner free of charge, please use this link: http://bwpwphoto.zenfolio.com/francaise2015

If you like one of Beth's photos, please consider purchasing a copy, as she was kind enough to volunteer her time to photograph this year's dinner.

If you would like to follow Beth online, here is her info:
Website: http://www.bwpwphoto.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bwpwphoto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bwpwphoto

And here is the final version of the group photo. Beth and I mutually decided that the panorama she took with my camera, which I then combined into one image, worked the best for our fabulously large group!

Francaise Dinner

Thank you so much to all who attended the Fourth Annual Francaise Dinner. We were very pleased to be able to welcome so many fine folks to Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant last night. And we all looked fabulous, if I do say so myself!

Here is a draft copy of the group photo, courtesy of our intrepid photographer Beth of BWPW Photography (http://www.bwpwphoto.com/). It has not had the benefit of Beth's photo editing skills, but she wanted to give us all a preview quickly (thank you Beth!). Final copies of photos from last night will be available in a gallery set up by Beth. We will post the link online at http://francaisedinner.blogspot.com/ when it is available.

Beth has graciously offered to provide digital photos (marked with the BWPW logo in the corner) to dinner guests free of charge. Those wishing to purchase digital copies without the watermark or professional quality hard copy prints will be able to do so from her website, after the dinner. (Prices will be $1.50 per digital copy and $.85 per physical 4x6 print. Larger size prints will also be made available.)

We hope to see you at next year's dinner!
Just one more week until this year's Francaise Dinner! We cannot wait to welcome all of our guests in their finery!

We have one more generous donation to announce for the raffle:

Sarah Lizzi and her husband McGreggor have donated a gorgeous 52 inch length of 6 inch wide antique silk ribbon. It was found in the attic of an old Maine house and is from the later half of the 19th century, perhaps 1870 to 1890. Such ribbon was imported into the US by the Shakers to incorporate into what were called "Fancy Goods," the sewing trinkets and boxes that were sold to help support Shaker villages.

To see descriptions and photos of all of the prizes in the raffle, see our website here. Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

More Francaise Dinner Raffle Prizes!

There have been a number of recent donations to the Francaise Dinner raffle. Thank you to all of our generous donors! Here are some of the fantastic prizes that will be offered:

ContinuedCollapse )
We would like to gather all of our guests together to take a large group photo--to commemorate our esteemed assemblage in all its costumed glory! Thus, we ask that you arrive by 6:15 (the doors open at 5:30) so that we may take this photograph before the sun sets. If the weather permits, we will take the picture in the outdoor courtyard at Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant. Our photographer, Beth of BWPW Photography, will take shots both with her camera and with Gloria's camera as backup. The photo from Gloria's camera will be made available shortly after the dinner, while the photos from Beth's camera will be professionally edited and available on her website. (Copies with a small watermark will be offered free of charge, while copies without the watermark can be purchased according to the pricing posted here.) Since we have 40 people attending the dinner, we ask that guests do not also attempt to take their own pictures of the whole group during this time, so as to avoid having people stand for an extended period.
The Francaise Dinner is nearly upon us! As in previous years, we will be handing out goodie bags to our guests. We have already purchased a number of fun favors, plus we have received generous donations from American Duchess, Regency Tea/The Lady Detalle, Dames a la Mode, In the Long Run Designs, and Portmanteau Fashions.

If you are interested in donating something to our goodie bags, please contact Gloria at quincy134 AT gmail DOT com. It is a great way to promote your small business to a wide audience of historical costumers and reenactors. We have 40 attendees this year!
Since there have been questions regarding changing space for the Francaise Dinner, we wanted to clarify. Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant is a historic tavern restaurant built in 1770 with a small bathroom available to all their diners (we are only taking up one of their rooms that evening), so we would ask people not to change on site since we don't wish to inconvenience the restaurant, other patrons & would like to be welcomed back to Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant for next year's Francaise Dinner, should we desire to have it there again! This is a fabulous venue to be hosting a historic event and we very much would like everyone to have a great time, and for us to maybe have the opportunity to sell enough tickets to reserve the entire restaurant in future!

Because this is an event at a public place (rather than a private event in someone's home) and we have 40 people coming, we are unfortunately unable to provide changing space for anyone, so we'd ask that you make your own arrangements. As the three Francaise dinner hostesses are local, we ourselves are not getting a hotel room for changing (mostly due to the cost of getting a room just for one purpose). Since this is an evening event, we imagine most people who are traveling have overnight accommodations. If you were not planning on staying overnight and need somewhere to change, please contact the hostesses for assistance with finding a place to change, however we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. Alternately you are welcome to post in this community asking if someone is willing to help you out. We can't make any guarantees, but we will do our best to help in any fashion that we can, as we want everyone to have a great time at this event!

Also please note that the hair & make-up service is an extra service being offered by Jenny-Rose, a third party vendor not associated with the Francaise Dinner & with her appointments not on premise. We look forward to welcoming you all soon!

The Francaise Dinner is Sold Out!

Tickets are now sold out for the Francaise Dinner. Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket!

We are looking into whether we can reserve another room with the restaurant, in order to open up more ticket slots. However, we are not certain that this will be possible. If you are interested in being added to our waiting list, please contact Gloria at quincy134 AT gmail DOT com. Should more tickets be made available, we will contact people on the list in the order they were added.

Francaise Dinner Tickets are Going Fast!

Edited: We now only have 2 tickets left. We will have a wait list once we sell out.

Francaise Dinner 2013

I have an update on ticket sales for this year's Francaise Dinner. Due to the wonderful, overwhelming support of many folks, including several new attendees, we are close to being sold out. We only have 6 more tickets available before we fill our reserved room. Thank you everyone who has already purchased a ticket! We have sold more than thirty!

For those of you who are still interested in attending, ticket sales will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Information on how to purchase tickets is posted here. We have contacted the restaurant to see whether we can get an additional room, but we are not sure that we can secure that, and thus cannot guarantee that additional tickets will be made available.
Cross posted

Hey everyone, with the last day to purchase tickets approaching fast (February 14th), there are only 5 more days to purchase your ticket for the 4th Annual Francaise Dinner, at Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant in Alexandria, VA on Saturday, March 28th!

Photo by last year's photographer, Kristin Rudy:

Tickets are $60 per person. This fee includes a three course meal, a variety of non-alcoholic beverages, one glass of champagne, and one goodie bag. Additional alcoholic drinks can be purchased directly at the bar. The ticket price does not include parking, lodging, raffle tickets, or other incidentals.

Payment Deadline
The last day to purchase tickets is February 14, 2015. All payments must be made in full at the time of purchase. No time payments or partial payments will be accepted. No tickets will be sold at the door.

Costume Policy
Costumes appropriate for 1750-1800 are required. 1750-1800 evening or formal wear is appreciated but not required.

Once the ticket deadline is past, we will see if we have any tickets/spots remaining, and update you all, but in order to assure yourself of a spot for this event, please make sure you buy your ticket by Feb 14th!

We MAY have tickets remaining past that deadline and if you would like to come but need a little more time, please reach out to one of us, as we are a few tickets from our minimum and will be full not long thereafter; we chose this deadline in mid Feb, as we needed a good head count so we can finalize everything with Gadsby's!

We very much hope to see you there!