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So, the 5th Annual Francaise Dinner, quincy134, padawansguide & I would love your vote for the best date in March 2016! So far the plan is for the dinner to be at Gadsby's Tavern Restaurant again, in Alexandria, VA, (although if anyone else would like to come forward/assist, we're open). Please vote in the poll below for the best date in March of 2016!

It's also VERY preliminary, and we're not sure if we will be hostessing in 2017, but with jenthompson's recent post on a Colonial Williamsburg trip, and everyone's enthusiastic responses on wanting to join and travel to CW, we were throwing around the idea of possibly moving the 6th Annual Francaise Dinner in 2017 to Colonial Williamsburg in a dinner at one of the tavern's in historic Colonial Williamsburg and be a weekend in Williamsburg, and just wanted to see what folks thought of this idea? It's too early to firm it up now, and we three don't know where our lives will be that far ahead, but it's an idea, and CW does group menus and group bookings for dinners, housing, concerts, etc. so we are also asking folks to vote on the preliminary idea of the 6th Annual Francaise Dinner being in Colonial Williamsburg in March of 2017.

Poll #2019951 Francaise Dinner 2016 Voting

What is the best date for the 5th Annual Francaise Dinner in 2016?

Saturday, March 5th, 2016
Saturday, March 12th, 2016
Neither of those work for me - my vote in comments below
Either of those dates are fine!

Preliminary idea to plan the 6th Annual Francaise Dinner in CW in March 2017: are you in?

Absolutely, I'll start saving now!
Maybe, if the timing and my budget support.
Not at all interested in attending this in CW: keep it in Alexandria!

Thanks for voting, and please feel free to comment below with other date suggestions if the two dates in March are not an option for you, and we will consider other options. Thanks!!